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Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market

Saturday morning was beautiful. My kiddo was at a sleepover so I could sleep in and not have to start the day repeating myself over and over. Tom came back from his group run and declared that it’s a perfect day to ride our bikes to the Ferry Building and get some yummies at the farmer’s market. So that’s what we did.

Mouth watering fruit!

Can you believe that I didn’t like pears when I was a kid? I missed out on so much yummy goodness!

Nothing like a box of apples to remind you of the arrival of Autumn.

Grapes are like natures chips. You can’t eat just one.

More purple food goodness.

You say “To-may-to.” I say “Yum!”

We bought some awesome ingredients for that night’s dinner salad (watermelon radish, carrots, leafy greens, dried fruit), then meandered back inside the Ferry Building and noshed on steamed pork buns.

A perfect morning!

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