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Tahoe Father’s Day

Father’s Day weekend was spent up in Tahoe. It was warm and beautiful. The high elevation seems to make for incredibly rich blue skies. I couldn’t get enough of it. I divvied my time among the pool, the trails, and my book.

Tom and Yoshi spent quality father-daughter time on a hike that unexpectedly ended up being an extreme adventure that I only got pieces of details about: sliding down a mountain, crawling on hands and knees on a delicate melting snowbank, log-hopping over a lake… whatever they did, they came back with mud all over their feet and legs and thrilled smiles on their faces.

There were even remnants of winter up there despite the hot summer weather. Yoshi didn’t care that the snow almost melted away as she created icy snowballs, ready for war. She pummeled me once or twice in the face. Look at the vindictive smile as she gets me back for all my mean parenting.

Happy Father’s Day, Happy Summer!

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