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Heirloom jewelry

heirloom gold rings

I can’t remember the last time I actually bought jewelry for myself. I’ve been fortunate to receive them as gifts or inherited from family members. These lovely rings were inherited. Lately I’ve been wearing them stacked together to give them a more contemporary look as a statement piece.

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Dahlia, up close

I signed up for a macro photography workshop at the Conservatory of Flowers and the Dahlia Dell in Golden Gate Park for this Wednesday. Unfortunately, the photography instructor had a recent fall with injuries, and thankfully he’s going to be okay, but he won’t be in teaching condition in time for the workshop. So it’s postponed until sometime next month. In the meantime, I’m brushing up with more practice on macro flower work.

I really love creating abstract images with macro. Those dreamy images invites you to create your own story…

Sometimes the story is light and airy.

Sometimes moody and brooding.

Sometimes mysterious.

Sometimes curious.

I look forward to sharing more stories with you.

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The peony

Ah, the peony. It’s such a romantic flower, with delicate petals, layer upon layer, the pastel ones like a ballerina tutu, the bright ones like a flamenco dress. Yesterday three beautiful pink peonies were given to me by Husbter and the Kiddo. Today, I squeezed in a moment between scarfing down my peanut putter and fresh peach-jam sandwich (ah, such a luxurious lunch!) and laundry to take in the flowers’ beauty.

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Vintage rhinestone flower brooch

Another piece of vintage jewelry, this time this sparkly brooch. It was years before I actually could figure out how to wear a brooch, let along a sparkly one like this.

I think I simply decided that it needn’t be a special occasion to wear sparkles and that I could wear it whenever I wanted. And I didn’t have to be an old lady to wear brooches, though sometimes I feel more like an “old lady” rather than a 30-something, what, with me sipping my brandy while knitting or crocheting. And my achy back.

I think this brooch is from my aunt, although it’s possible that it was from my grandmother. It’s hard to remember now. See? Channeling my inner old lady* with my bad memory.

*and by “Old Lady” I do not mean to assume all elderly women crochet, sip digestifs, and have failing memories, of course. It’s just what I hope to become as I age, maybe a slightly better memory though.

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A few months ago I photographed two of my friends’ engagement rings. I gotta say, I do love a good sparkle (as seen on my Kanzashi post). Here is Sabrina’s ring, a classic ideal-cut diamond in a Tiffany setting. It catches the light like no other.

And here is Elizabeth’s ring, a vintage style, cushion-cut diamond, with milgrain detailed engravings and additional diamonds encrusted in the band. So dreamy.

I love that there are rings for every personality.

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Bira Bira Kanzashi

I’m extremely fortunate with all the great jewelry and accessories I’ve inherited from relatives. I was the only granddaughter in my family, so my grandmother passed on most of her jewelry to me. And my awesome aunt gave me her collection of kanzashi, traditional Japanese hair ornaments often worn by Geisha and Maiko (geisha apprentices). I hope to eventually photograph all of these treasures. Here is one of them, the flashiest of them all, the bira bira kanzashi.

It has colorful rhinestones set in 3 metal fans mounted on tightly coiled springs. They sway with your movements, catching the light on the faceted crystals.

Dangling below are the metal “bira” strips, which make an ever-so-gentle clinking sound when you walk.

This would be perfect to wear to a wedding or some other fabulous event. Maybe it’s time to grow out my hair again.

Want to get your own? There are lovely kanzashi hair ornaments created and sold on Etsy. I really like this fabric flower one; it would be so lovely to wear for Valentine’s Day!

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Dahlia Dell

I love Golden Gate Park. I’ve spent countless hours here: running, biking, walking, just hanging out… I never get tired of it. And one of my favorite seasonal treats they offer is its beautiful Dahlia Dell, the almost hidden sister next to the grand Conservatory of Flowers. Dahlia’s are great to explore up close and personal. And the best time to go is in early Autumn, late September/early October (which is when these photos were taken).

The closer you get, the more there is to see.

I love the architecture of the petals…

…and vivid colors

And closer still, you enter dreamland. Sometimes soft…

…sometimes joyful…

…always memorable.

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