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My Birthday!

macro dahlia earrings

My birthday was last week, and it was sprinkled with joy throughout the entire day. I’m actually calling it my birthday month, trying to focus more on my well-being instead of just the needs of others. It’s good to find that balance.

My morning started off with breakfast in bed, complete with a card my daughter made that features a rainbow with me under it with a camera. Ah, she knows me too well.

Years back, one of my friends told me that the ukuklele is one of the easiest instruments to learn, and I’ve always kept that in mind, especially since I have a guitar collecting dust in my closet because those six steel strings are too intimidating for me. So when I expressed interest a few months ago in taking up the ukulele, my daughter immediately told her dad that’s what they were going to get me for my birthday. And lo and behold, my daughter presented me with a beautiful ukelele of my own!

ukulele instrument

I’ve been practicing it almost every day. I’ve already learned a few chords and the tips of my fingers are getting tougher.

ukulele fret fingering

It’s really fun. How can you not enjoy that happy sound the ukulele creates?

From my photos, my sister-in-law knows how much I adore dahlias, so she gave me a pair of beautiful mint-green dahlia earrings packaged in a test tube. They are so pretty. And the color is fresh and perfect.

dahlia earrings mint green

My mom also gave me a pair of earrings. How did they both know that I’ve been coveting some new jewelry? I love the art deco feel of these. Fun!

Art deco earrings

Other birthday awesomeness include:
• slice of birthday cake, compliments of the cafe I frequent
• bouquet of irises from Hubster and Kiddo
• candlelit picnic for dinner in my bedroom, also from Hubster and Kiddo
• cocktails, a set of vintage glass tumblers, and a folk-art, cast-iron, whale bottle opener from a friend
• champagne and a super soft cowl from another friend
• gift cards to amazon and my favorite art supply store
• a ton of facebook birthday wishes! (’cause it doesn’t count if it’s not on facebook, right?!)
• lots of birthday hugs from my friends and family!

Who would dread getting older when you’re treated like this?

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