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Adventures in film: Pope Valley edition

A dream

Last month two of my girlfriends and I had a weekend of perfect summertime fun up in Pope Valley. Now, if you aren’t familiar with weather in San Francisco, particularly in the summer, you may not know that it’s cold. Average temps hover in the low 60’s. So to be able to spend a weekend somewhere 30 degrees warmer is quite an experience for me.

Pope Valley view

I’m not suited for hot-weather by any means, but give me shade and a place to swim with great company and I’m happy as a clam.

Pope Valley pond and dock

We stayed in yurts. So fun! I was in the lovely guest yurt while my friends shared the main one. So beautiful and simple, the theme of the entire weekend.


The 40 acre property was amazing. Vineyards, a large pond (depleted from the severe drought, but still must have been at least 8 feet deep), majestic oak trees, and a plethora of winged creatures (birds, insects, bats!).

Christine in the vineyard

That Saturday was also summer solstice, and we celebrated by spending the entire day outside. We didn’t retire until well past midnight. We saw many shooting stars, satellites, the Milky Way. We enjoyed delicious food, laughed ourselves silly, and bonded our friendship further. I love these ladies.

Grass 2

On my desk at work are a few of these prints, to remind me of these special times.

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Lodi, California

Some loveliness found in Lodi.

Lodi orchard

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Tahoe Father’s Day

Father’s Day weekend was spent up in Tahoe. It was warm and beautiful. The high elevation seems to make for incredibly rich blue skies. I couldn’t get enough of it. I divvied my time among the pool, the trails, and my book.

Tom and Yoshi spent quality father-daughter time on a hike that unexpectedly ended up being an extreme adventure that I only got pieces of details about: sliding down a mountain, crawling on hands and knees on a delicate melting snowbank, log-hopping over a lake… whatever they did, they came back with mud all over their feet and legs and thrilled smiles on their faces.

There were even remnants of winter up there despite the hot summer weather. Yoshi didn’t care that the snow almost melted away as she created icy snowballs, ready for war. She pummeled me once or twice in the face. Look at the vindictive smile as she gets me back for all my mean parenting.

Happy Father’s Day, Happy Summer!

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