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The fallen bloom

from Sabrina's garden

About a month ago, Sabrina brought me beautiful roses from her garden. Each flower bursted with petals.

Pink Garden Rose

They were incredibly fragrant; its sweet, floral scent filled my apartment. If only someone could bottle it so I could wear it. Oh wait.


I love the wild, wiltiness of these flowers, so much that my favorite one happened to be the bloom that fell apart – velvety, tissue paper thin petals still vibrant and moist, now scattered on the table.

Petals 1

The fallen petals were reminiscent of Sabrina’s gorgeous wedding dress with its layers upon layers of delicate fabric.

Petals 2

Thank you, Sabrina, for sharing some of your beautiful world with me. I welcome more of it!

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In Bloom

Tulips in bloom

These past few weeks have been challenging for a variety of reasons. Without getting into it too much, suffice it to say that I’ve been doing my best to focus on the things that make me happy, like taking macro shots of flowers. I know, so cliché. But I really do enjoy the process. It’s meditative, getting so close to these ephemeral beauties. This enchanting bouquet was delivered by Farmgirl Flowers to my door from someone who could not be here in person. In this instance, I’ll take second best.


There are many flowers that I adore. Ranunculus is one of them. I think I was in high school when I first noticed this flower. I fell in love with the layers upon layers petals that look like they’re made of crepe paper.

Macro Ranunculus

I started appreciating roses about 15 years ago, when my amazing neighbor out in the Richmond grew award-winning roses in his front yard after he retired. Who knew they could thrive in the dense fog of 35th Avenue?! He taught me everything I know about roses.


When I lived in Portland – a.k.a. The City of Roses – my yard had so many rose bushes that it was almost impossible to keep track of and maintain. But the garden was hardy and I think the only plant I actually killed was the blueberry bush. (Though, I could never get that dogwood tree to bloom, no matter how hard I tried.) The roses were huge.



This garden rose is particularly lovely with its many fluttery petals (like the ranunculus).


Of course, if you recall from my previous macro flower posts, you know that for me, the more abstract the better.

Anenome Macro

Anenome Macro

And the nice thing about photographing flowers is that, like many things actually, their memories are preserved long after they’re gone.

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