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Vintage rhinestone flower brooch

Another piece of vintage jewelry, this time this sparkly brooch. It was years before I actually could figure out how to wear a brooch, let along a sparkly one like this.

I think I simply decided that it needn’t be a special occasion to wear sparkles and that I could wear it whenever I wanted. And I didn’t have to be an old lady to wear brooches, though sometimes I feel more like an “old lady” rather than a 30-something, what, with me sipping my brandy while knitting or crocheting. And my achy back.

I think this brooch is from my aunt, although it’s possible that it was from my grandmother. It’s hard to remember now. See? Channeling my inner old lady* with my bad memory.

*and by “Old Lady” I do not mean to assume all elderly women crochet, sip digestifs, and have failing memories, of course. It’s just what I hope to become as I age, maybe a slightly better memory though.

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Going Up!

elevator self-portrait

Yup, a self-portrait. I wanted to capture this huge mirror in the lobby of my cousin’s condo building, and just managed to snap this before the elevator doors closed. It takes up the entire wall. Hubster’s got that look on his face of him humoring my attempt to take a picture of the mirror even though he knows I just want yet another pic of myself. And where’s my daughter?

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