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Annual dahlia photowalk

20140830_Dahlias_05 (1)

Every year in late summer/early autumn, Sabrina and I head over to Golden Gate Park to photograph the dahlias. It’s a lovely tradition. So many gorgeous flowers.


It was an explosion of color on the scene.


My challenge this year was to take some different shots, change it up a bit. I’m not sure I succeeded, but it was fun trying.



One of these days I’m going to go back through my hard drive and pick out which is my favorite image of these beauties. I wonder if I’ll be drawn to the soft, light and airy images, or something darker and moodier. It’ll probably depend on my mood.


Can’t wait to see Sabrina’s photos from the day.

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Roaming Around Chinatown

Sabrina was itching to go to Chinatown for a photowalk and asked if I would join her. Of course! Ideally we wanted to capture this vibrant neighborhood during Golden Hour, the time of day everything is bathed in the golden light of the setting sun. But this is San Francisco, where summers require parkas, so unsurprisingly it was cloudy.

Always up for a challenge (i.e., we had no choice in the matter), we ventured on our photowalk.

I stuck with the small nifty-fifty lens. Sabrina shoots with a bigger gun.

The shops sell all sorts of trinkets.

So sparkly!

He waits for the bus.

Is it time to eat yet?

And then fade out with your classic SF “pointy building” shot.

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Fluffy Puppies at Fort Funston

One of my photo-partners-in-crime Sabrina rented a Hasselblad to try her hand at photographing Bianca and Sorcha, her beautiful Samoyeds (a.k.a. the Fluffy Puppies), in medium film format. She invited me along for the shoot. I thought about taking my Yashica to also channel the medium format vibe, but then I realized I needed more film, so I took my trusty digital camera and captured them in 1s and 0s.

We went to Fort Funston during Golden Hour, which bathed everything in beautiful light.

The dogs recently turned 9, but they remain puppies at heart, always playful and rambunctious, not entirely aware of their stature, and quite the showstoppers with their gorgeous, fluffy fur.

Knowing the ocean was near, Bianca and Sorcha ran ahead of us and impatiently demanded we catch up.

Finally at the beach!

Let’s dig for buried treasure!

Time to test out the waters!

Then the sun set, and it was time to go.

Fort Funston is always a good time. Many thanks to Sabrina for letting me join her (and treating me to a delicious dinner afterwards!). I can’t wait to see her photos!

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