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Baby Hattie

The newest edition to my friends’ family is little Hattie. I photographed her big sister Josie at the end of 2011, and at the end of 2012, just before Christmas, I had the pleasure of getting snap-happy with Hattie (love her name!).

And, like her older sister, Hattie showed off her lungs for me with a surprisingly loud wail that sounds more like a 6 month old than newborn. And I fully admit that I love pictures of crying babies. They unleash their full emotions, something that as an adult, I wish I could do more of. Here she is on the cusp of letting go. I love those in-between moments.

Justin lovingly dotes on his daughter, making sure she’s comfortable.

I adore this family of four.

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Baby Josephine

Nicknamed the Little Burrito by her parents Celia and Justin, baby Josephine Jean is adorable in all her squishy, sweet-smelling, new-baby goodness.

I love photos of crying babies. Such good faces! And Josie, being a baby, started crying. Perhaps she got hungry. Or had a wet diaper. Or just over the whole photoshoot thing. Still a cutie!

But then she fell asleep. She had some visitors.

And Josephine already has a little personality. Even in her sleep.

Welcome to the Parent Club, Justin and Celia! It’s a life-long membership.

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