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That light

Chasing Light

Over the years as a photographer, I’ve learned (am still ever learning) to notice light. And with that, darkness. Like the highs and lows of life, where each is necessary to give depth of character to a person, both ends of the spectrum are needed to add dimension a photo. Too much light can make an image look flat. And we don’t live in Flatland. We want something we can grasp, or, in the case with a picture, at least imagine we can.

I’ve been in love with capturing the changing sky as the sun rises and sets from my roof (or balcony, as the case here). I love how the light changes color from moment to moment. I love when there are moody clouds.

I grabbed my camera yesterday morning when I noticed the beautiful clouds dancing in the light. I knew I only had moments. It was supposed to rain at any moment and the clouds would flatten the entire sky, hiding those traces of blue.

Had I thought about it more, I would have taken a shot in film. But here ya go. (Nerd exif data: Canon 7D, 50mm, f/8.0, ISO 200, 1/125 sec.)

Sunrise 1

Two minutes later that gorgeous light was gone to make way for much needed rain.

(bonus: I spy a bird in one of the pics.)

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Quick tip: photographing a beam of light

Rechargeable light bulb

One of the benefits of working with a talented team is that I am around a lot of knowledge, which I absorb as much as I can. Here’s a trick I learned a few months back, which I’m happy to pass along to you.

If you want to photograph a beam of light, say, from a flashlight or a laser pointer, you need something that will scatter those light rays so your eye can see it (or, more importantly, so your camera can capture it). The easiest thing to do is to get a can of compressed air, hold it upside down, and spray it behind the light. Use a tripod and a long exposure (stop down your aperture). I misplaced my remote trigger, so I simply used the timer setting on my camera so I could spray the can. Alternately, wrangle in an extra set of hands to spray that stuff.

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