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Pentax Spotmatic SLR

I inherited this beauty last weekend, and it’s not even my birthday. My uncle was cleaning out his house and came upon his old Pentax SLR. He offered it to me, his “favorite niece, Denise.” He says this often.

“I’m your only niece,” I often retort back. This time was no exception.

Along with the camera and the 50mm, he gave me a 28mm, and an 85-205 zoom. And a tripod. Sweet! A complete kit!

I didn’t realize he was a camera buff back in the day, taking black and white photos. Perhaps one day he’ll show me his collection of photographs.

Now to pick up some film!

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Photography treasure hunt!

André Hermann, a.k.a. @shutter_se7en on instagram is hiding 20 photobooks around SF, one each day, which I found out through @igerssf posted on instagram. According to his blog:

I have produced (20) 20-page photo books featuring my iPhone street photography. Each book will be signed and numbered. These are 20 unique books. The pdf will be destroyed and this format of book will never be printed again. Yes, you will have a special limited edition. Now here’s the trick. You’re wondering how do I get one of these books, right? You have to go out and find them. Every few days I will post a visual clue here on my blog with a hint as to where each book can be found. All 20 will be hid within the city of San Francisco.

Here’s the photo he first posted:

I’ve been in a funk lately, so I decided that going on a treasure hunt would be the perfectly silly, fun thing to do to help make me feel better. After sleuthing around on google maps, I realized that the photo was taken somewhere at the construction site for the new Transbay Terminal in SOMA.

I hopped on my bike and ventured downtown and enjoyed the beautiful day while going down Market Street. I turned onto Beale and started looking all around. I couldn’t find it. I pulled out my phone and brought up this Instagram image that André posted:

Hmm… where exactly is that? Some people who know me may not realize that I’m a shy person, especially when it comes to approaching strangers, but I’m trying to do some personal growth, so I went out of my confort zone and asked some construction workers if they recognized this man, or where this shot could have been taken. They were really friendly and took time out of their busy day to help me. We realized that I was not in the right spot, that I need to be further over, maybe on First Street. I snapped a pic of one of the workers (I rudely forgot to get his name!). Super nice guy. He enjoys riding his bicycle when he gets the chance.

I thanked the workers for their time, and jumped back on my bike and headed towards First Street. After sleuthing around several blocks, talking to another stranger or two (!), I finally found where the shot was taken on Natoma Street.

Now I had to find where the photobook was hidden, if it was still even there.  There was a sign leaning against the blockade, so I peeked behind it, but it wasn’t there. I looked in various spots, behind fences, even under a comforter, I finally found it. Wedged behind a sign posted to the fence that read “Danger Deep Excavation,” I found a manila envelope. And inside…

I was so stoked to find it! The photos in there are great: thought-provoking, interesting, nice composition. And of course it’s nice to see it all within the familiar confines of SF.

Yet another reason why I love instagram!

If you’re in SF, you can play too!

A new clue is posted each day on his blog: www.transmissionsfromthewastelands.wordpress.com

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I’m now hip like the rest of the Bay Area and own a shiny new iPhone 4s. And thus joined the Instagram bandwagon (@denisetakespics). Finally! I can’t believe such a beautiful, easy-to-use, fun app is free. Here are a few of my faves.

Keep Tahoe Blue:

Beautifully delicious treats at the SF MOMA:

Fresh made liquid nitrogen ice cream from Smitten in Hayes Valley:

Film camera collection:

The 4s can shoot pretty close up. This keeps me level:

Ring, ring!

Don’t have access to Instagram? Check out my pics here.

Are you on Instagram? I wanna see your pics!

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