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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a shuttle!

The sky has been filled with all sorts of interesting things lately. The cloud formations today were dizzying.

Crazy cool cloud patterns

Today the Blue Angels were back in town for the annual Fleet Week show.

Blue Angels SF Fleet Week

And a couple weeks ago, the space shuttle Endeavour took a scenic farewell tour, piggy-back style. I’ve only seen space shuttles on tv, so it was incredibly thrilling to see it with my very own eyes.

Endeavour shuttle by Sutro Tower in SF

I can’t even get a paper airplane to fly well. How is it possible to build and fly machines of precision that inspire such imagination and hope? It blows my mind.

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Thanks, Steve


I know I’m late to the Steve Jobs memorial bandwagon, but wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for all he gave to us. Like da Vinci, Jobs showed the world that you can combine art, functionality, intelligence, beauty, and innovation together. We can be inspired, push ourselves, and in turn inspire others.

(you can see some of my pics from the Steve Jobs vigil at Dolores Park on Huffington Post and Mission Local)

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