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Sunday Streets in Film

I love Sunday Streets, which is when SF temporarily shuts down neighborhood streets to cars and opens them up to pedestrians, cyclists, tricyclists, rollerskaters, with a bunch of activities to promote fun, health, and the outdoors. And it’s free!

Local businesses pop up shops on the streets or sidewalks to offer their services and goods. Yoga and Zumba studios will have open classes you can stop by in. Musicians perform. Thousands of people come out. A real good time for adults and kids alike.

For the July 22nd Sunday Streets, Rickshaw Bags in the Dogpatch district had their doors open and I used my Pentax Spotmatic to snap this photo of an employee servicing a bike.

Izze sparkling juices gave out their refreshing drinks to passers by.

Sparkling Juice

At the end of this Sunday Streets route, there was a performance by Circus Bella. I admit I was absolutely delighted by the quality of this little circus. The audience was captivated, adults and children alike. Here are the “Russian Bar Hoppers” performing their incredible feats.

circus bella

Sunday Streets – always a good time!

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Adventures in film, B&W edition

Playing around with my newly inherited Pentax Spotmatic SLR, I decided to dabble in some black and white fun. The challenge is to not only see composition, but also contrast in shapes and colors. Things viewed in a color-filled world doesn’t always translate into a good black and white. If there are too many similarly toned/valued objects, despite them being different colors, the picture will look flat.

Here’s an example of pink and yellow. They seem to be quite different to the color-seeing eye, but when converted to grayscale, it becomes almost identical. There’s not much contrast, which makes it look a little blah.

I am far from mastering this concept, but it’s great motivation to see the world differently.

I used Ilford HP5 PLUS 400ISO film, a lovely black and white film. Processing was done at Photoworks SF where they do a spectacular job with all prints. BW takes a couple extra days, but it’s well worth the wait. I forgot to have them scanned though, so again, you’ll have to settle for a digital photograph of the printed photograph. Yeah, it seems a bit silly. The quality isn’t as good as the print (light reflections and minor distortions in the corners) because I didn’t take the time to adjust things as necessary, but you get the gist of it.


Here is my kiddo. She looks a lot like me here.

And with her daddy:

A view from Pacific Heights looking down to the Marina:
Fillmore St.

The famous Painted Ladies wearing shades of gray in Alamo Square.
Alamo Square

A “wheelie” big tire!

And one more of the kiddo:

And there you have it, in black and white.

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