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I’m now hip like the rest of the Bay Area and own a shiny new iPhone 4s. And thus joined the Instagram bandwagon (@denisetakespics). Finally! I can’t believe such a beautiful, easy-to-use, fun app is free. Here are a few of my faves.

Keep Tahoe Blue:

Beautifully delicious treats at the SF MOMA:

Fresh made liquid nitrogen ice cream from Smitten in Hayes Valley:

Film camera collection:

The 4s can shoot pretty close up. This keeps me level:

Ring, ring!

Don’t have access to Instagram? Check out my pics here.

Are you on Instagram? I wanna see your pics!

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Dahlia Dell

I love Golden Gate Park. I’ve spent countless hours here: running, biking, walking, just hanging out… I never get tired of it. And one of my favorite seasonal treats they offer is its beautiful Dahlia Dell, the almost hidden sister next to the grand Conservatory of Flowers. Dahlia’s are great to explore up close and personal. And the best time to go is in early Autumn, late September/early October (which is when these photos were taken).

The closer you get, the more there is to see.

I love the architecture of the petals…

…and vivid colors

And closer still, you enter dreamland. Sometimes soft…

…sometimes joyful…

…always memorable.

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Baby Josephine

Nicknamed the Little Burrito by her parents Celia and Justin, baby Josephine Jean is adorable in all her squishy, sweet-smelling, new-baby goodness.

I love photos of crying babies. Such good faces! And Josie, being a baby, started crying. Perhaps she got hungry. Or had a wet diaper. Or just over the whole photoshoot thing. Still a cutie!

But then she fell asleep. She had some visitors.

And Josephine already has a little personality. Even in her sleep.

Welcome to the Parent Club, Justin and Celia! It’s a life-long membership.

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