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Red Delicious

A few weeks back I photographed a baby shower for a friend. As a thank you gift, I received this adorably cute coin purse. It makes me happy every time I see it. And my old coin purse, as much as I love it, is falling apart. So now I just have to get over my weird issue with using designer brands for mundane things and put some dirty old coins in there.

Coach Apple Coin Purse

And here is one of the cakes served at the baby shower. A beautiful princess cake from Miette.

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The Embarcadero

These past fews days here in SF have been absolutely gorgeous. It’s finally our San Francisco summer. Last night I hung out with a friend at the Ferry Building, completely enjoying a perfect night of cocktails, oysters, and imperial rolls. It’s rare to be able to walk out at night with short sleeves and not even need a scarf.

This morning I went back to the Embarcadero for a lovely, leisurely stroll. The sun was shining, although the fog was rolling around the perimeter, threatening to come back. There was a definite chill in the air despite the sunshine. Now where did I put my scarf? Oh yeah, I left it at home. Drat.

Good thing I had the Bay Bridge to distract me.

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Bokeh Filter Fun

Bokeh Filter Fun

One of my favorite little photography magic tricks is using a bokeh filter, which turns all of the blurred circles of lights into little shapes. I’ve made my own with black construction paper, but this time I created one using a blank disc that came with the Photojojo bokeh kit. I used a ume (plum) blossom hole punch that I bought in Japan to create this 5-petal shape. You have to set your camera on manual focus for this effect to make it blurry and out of focus. I used my Tamron 90mm macro lens on this cocktail ring. Fun stuff!

And here’s what the ring looks like with out the filter:

And here’s a little video seeing the “magic” at work:

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