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Macro Pics of Things Other Than Bugs

Macro Pics of Things Other Than Bugs

rhinestone necklace

Whenever I search for inspiring macro photos, most of them seem to be of insects, spiders, and other bugs. And then the next popular category is flowers. And I admit to being one of those who loves taking pics of flowers. But it’s hard to come up with something fresh. So on Thursday I gave myself a half hour exercise for some quick macro shots. I grabbed a necklace from the bedroom that I knew I wanted to shoot, but everything else was randomly taken from the kitchen-office (where there’s the best lighting). I didn’t bother to bust out the tripod or any reflectors because I was lazy short on time. So here’s what I got…

All our pencils need to be sharpened.
sharpening pencil

I’m not sure why a thimble is in our kitchen.
macro thimble

I love office supplies, like green masking tape.
green masking tape

My kiddo’s drawings are all over the house.
spoon drawing

Why is it we only buy nuts in the winter?
macro nutcracker

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